Monza Grand Prix Hospitality Packages 2020

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Dates - Friday September 4th to Sunday September 6th 2020

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Sept 4th - Sept 7th

3 nights in Milan hotel, viewing of the race with grandstand seating (your choice), airport transfers on arrival and departure, assistance of GPA team at the event.

From £1995.00.00 pp

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Milan Cathedral dedicated to St Mary of the Nativity


Sept 4th - Sept 7th

4 nights in a Milan hotel(4 star), VIP hospitality with spectacular views of the track, open bar & gourmet lunch at the GP, pit-lane tour, Airport transfer, private transfers to Monza with sightseeing tour of Milan on the Friday.

From £2995.00 pp

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Ferrari formula one car in action

Viewing ONLY

Sept 4th, 5th and/or Sept 6th 2019

Enjoy the Italian Grand Prix from our amazing vantage point at the exit of the pitlane with seating, full hospitality, giant screen TV, gourmet lunch and breakfast served.

From £695.00 pp

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Italian F1 Grand Prix VIP Packages

Great Hospitality on a Italian GP Holiday

Monza is one of those "must do" circuits as it has featured in the Formula One World Championship since the Championship began way back in 1950. The Italian GP is currently the fastest race on the calendar and now the only circuit which sees the cars in low downforce configuration, this circuit is the one which truly shows the speed of a F1 car. So if enjoying fast cars whiz by is what you want from a Grand Prix then you have come to the right place and we would be delighted to offer you one of our bespoke Monza Grand Prix Packages.

One of the most popular of the GP events in the calendar and is held at the beginning of September in the Royal Park, Monza. The Autodromo Nazionale Monza is just outside Milan and attracts huge crowds from all over Europe, but of course, it is famed for the fanatical fans called the Tifosi who descend on the park in vast numbers to cheer on their beloved Scuderia Ferrari!

A track where you can really let the throttle out

This iconic looking track in the shape of shoe which coincides with the the country looking like a boot, covers some 5.793km (3.6 miles) of fast scintillating track full of thrills and spills. The Monza circuit experiences cars lapping at incredible speed currently reaching over 220mph on the start-finish straight. The best features of this exciting track are the Curva Grande, the Curva di Lesmo, the Variante Ascari and the Curva Parabolica. The high speed curve, Curva Grande, is located after the Variante del Rettifilo which is located at the end of the front straight or Rettifilo Tribune, and this is where the F1 cars go flat out to reach their top speeds.

In 2009 a Formula One car achieved a maximum speed of 340kph (210mph), which occurred at the end of the start/finish straight. They also experienced a maximum g-force of 3.80 through turn 7, the second Lesmo, which is fairly shifting it. Though still not as fast as Juan Pablo Montoya in the McLaren-Mercedes who reached a whopping 372kph (230mph) at Monza in 2005 and that record is still going today, WOW!

Rubens Barrichello recorded the fastest ever pole position lap at Monza in 2004 when he lapped in at 1 minute 20.089s, going an average 161 mph. But in the pre-qualifying session for the same race (which did not count for a grid position, but only Q-running order), Juan Pablo Montoya created another record from Italy, in that he lapped the track in 1 minute 19.525s averaging a speed of 262kph (162 mph), which remains the fastest lap ever recorded in a Formula One car.

Monza GP 2017

Embroiled in a tightly fought battle with Lewis Hamilton; Sebastian Vettel has not slipped from the top spot in the championship thus far this season (there was a brief joint-first between himself and Hamilton following the second race). Until now.

Today, Hamilton finally took the lead in the Formula One World Championship – with 7 races remaining. And he did it in style.

It has been a record-breaking 8 days for Hamilton. Last week he equaled the pole record set at 68 by Michael Schumacher, today he broke it – helping to cement himself as the fastest driver of his era. His performance in qualifying at Monza this weekend, in wet and difficult conditions was astonishing. On Saturday, Hamilton was more than a second clear of everyone else.

Please go to our news page to read more about the exciting Monza Grand Prix of 2017.

Past winners (since GPA have been offering trips to the Formula One)

Grand Prix Adventures offers a variety of packages staying in downtown Milan in a lovely 4-star hotel and viewing areas from the start/finish line and at the pit lane exit where the cars screech by at over 200mph.

A Great Restaurant to try and whet your appetite in Milan

L’Immagine Ristorante Bistrot
A very popular hidden gem in Milan, offering a fabulous selection of typical Italian and Milanese dishes. Not pretentious in the slightest, reasonably price and receives hundreds of great reviews.
Address: Via Varesina, 61, 20156 Milano, Italy

Monza Park

When people think of Monza they automatically think of the Formula One Grand Prix and the motor racing circuit, the Autodromo Nazionale Monza. Less is known of the actual park that the circuit resides in and it is huge coming in at a whopping 1693 acre park in size and has many featured gardens and one of largest walled enclosed Royal Palaces in Europe. Even when the Grand Prix is not on you can take a spin around the actual track in a McLaren, Porsche or even an real Formula One racing car. Please go to their website to find out about a day trip to Monza Park and to find out about racing on the track check out Monza Circuit Website.

Better still enjoy all the action at the Monza GP 2019 with us at GPA

Please call Grand Prix Adventures on 01382 480077 for some amazing F1 Monza Grand Prix Packages & Grand Prix Hospitality Monza Style and to find out more about the itinerary of the trips we offer.

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