Hospitality At The Monaco Grand Prix

Thursday 26th May - Sunday 29th May 2022

VIP Hospitality Packages For The Monaco GP 2022

We are an experienced and professional provider of hospitality packages to the Monaco Grand Prix for our clients, we have been in business for many years and it all started way back in 2002 with the first trip with a group of friends and we have grown ever since and have many happy clients come back with us year after year. All our grand prix travel consultants are knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly and always willing to give our clients the best possible experience when they are over in Monaco. We feel that we offer the best premium hospitality packages for the Monaco Grand Prix in the business, check out our testimonial page for some kind words that our client have said about the adventure in Monaco they experienced.

The Monaco Grand Prix is the premium event of them all, the one they all want to go to, and we would say the most prestigious races on the global motorsport calendar. On this website you can choose from a variety of all-inclusive hospitality packages to suit most budgets, which include hotels, viewing balconies, grandstands and yachts and transfers, the champagne is on us. Great views from above or even better still a trackside yacht seat, you cannot really get closer or more indulgent than a luxury yacht in Monaco Harbour. You can stay in luxury hotels in Nice, Monaco or way up in the hills at Chateau Eze and we can organise meet-and-greets with current and legendary F1 drivers to add that extra celebrity sparkle for your trip.

Luxury Hotels and Great Viewing Points To See The Race

We offer a varied array of Hotels and Balcony viewing points, so our guests can receive the best possible experience when they are over in Monaco. Here is a list of what is available

Luxury Accommodation
Viewing Balconies and Yachts
Cafe De Paris

The iconic Cafe de Paris is located ideally in the Casino Square right next to the casino and overlooking the Hotel de Paris and the fountains. The views from here are spectacular and give a really up close and personal vantage point of all the F1 cars racing by: not to be missed. You can watch the cars from two different vantage points, the front terrace has views of Massenet, Casino Square entry and Casino Square exit, from one story above this is a really close view of the cars. With the second side terrace you have the view of the exit of Casino Square, underneath the bridge and into Mirabeau corners - ear plugs are not a luxury, they are a necessity!


We offer a varied selection of grandstand viewing for our guests and they can "mix-and-match" to give them the best possible vantage point to see all the action. So, it is up to them where they see the race.

33m Yacht

A great and memorable way to see all of the action is aboard a luxury yacht, moored in the harbour. The yacht we use is situated in a prime location for viewing the circuit, just at the tunnel exit which can give views of the Tunnel, Nouvelle Chicane and the entry to Tabac. The crew onboard are first class serving gourmet food for all our guests and offering a free open bar all day!

luxury yachts berth in monaco harbour Start Line

The circuit of Monaco can be viewed from the Start/finish line from Thursday, Saturday and Sunday and is a spectacular vantage point to watch all the thrills and spills of the Monaco Grand Prix. This terrace gives views of Pit Lanes, Ste Devote (turn 1) corner, Beau Rivage and Exit of the Tunnel to name but a few.

Shangri La

The Shangri La Balcony can be considered by some as the most exclusive terrace to see the Monaco GP and it is situated right above the start/finish line straight. This terrace can see over 60% of the circuit, so most of the event can be seen from just one spot. With views of the Beau Rivage, the exit of the Tunnel, Chicane, Tabac, Swimming Pool complex and Rascasse, there can't be many other places in Monaco that can match this place and the hospitality on offer that we provide compliments the surroundings precisely.

Beau Rivage

The Beau Rivage building offers several lovely terraces that we use for our guests and all of them were hand-picked (by a life-long F1™ fan) to give the best views of the race. Be it on floor 2, floor 5 or floor 8, all the terraces offer panoramic views of the track. If you like close views of the cars (lower floors) or more a eagle-eyed view (higher floors - 60% of the track) we have it covered.

45m Yacht

Monaco is renowned for its yachts, but there are yachts and then there are SUPER yachts which like to use for our VIP guests. The yachts are berthed just on the exit of the chicane and on the straight towards Tabac corners. These tri-deck multi-million-dollar floating palaces come with every conceivable extra, truly a magnificent way to enjoy the racing action.


  • VIP hospitality
  • Greats views of the track
  • Airport transfer
  • Choice of luxury hotels
  • Gourmet dining, wine and beers
  • GPA team on hand throughout
  • Private washrooms
  • Earplugs, lanyard & ticket wallet
  • Knowledgeable and friendly staff
  • Yacht viewing options
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