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The Monaco GP - The premium event in the Formula One Calendar

If you are looking at going to the Monaco Grand Prix in 2023, then you have come to the right place. From our considerable experience in GP travel we offer every conceivable way to enjoy the glamorous and exciting world of Formula One™. From being aboard one of the yachts in the Monaco harbour, great vieiwng points in an apartment high up along the track, to being a guest at an exciting after race party. With this VIP hospitality we offer the chance to stay right on the track to watch this most exciting of Grand Prix.

A Selection of VIP Hospitality Packages to enjoy the Grand Prix to the Maximum!

We’ve put together a wide variety of Adventures which all offer something unique, be it the chance to have a chat with David Coulthard, meeting with the current drivers or being inside one of the F1 garages during the GP weekend, at GPA we make these dreams a reality. Please read our guest comments from as far back as 2004 and be assured that you are dealing with a well-established, market leading & reputable tour operator. Why book a “package” when you can have The Adventure of a lifetime?

f1 cars racing round a corner in monaco

The Glamour and Excitement of Monaco

The Monaco GP in 2023 will be the main F1 event to see as it is the most glamourous destination in the racing calendar. Every year in May for one weekend the busy streets of Monte Carlo are closed to traffic and set up with this iconic race. Part of the Triple Crown of Motorsport, which comprises of Monaco, Le Mans 24 Hours in France (from endurance racing) and Indianapolis 500 (from IndyCar) in the US and is an unofficial motorsport achievement, with victory in all three of the most prestigious races in the world of motorsport only being held by British Driver Graham Hill.

If you are looking for a fun-thrilled weekend in Monaco, then why not join us on the last weekend of 2023 and select one of our carefully created hospitality packages to help you have a trip of lifetime. We have selected only the best hotels in Monaco, Nice and the surrounding area, with balconies to view the race that vary from high up in private residences, luxury yachts, 5-star hotels and a restaurant venue right close up and personal to watch all the cars race by. You can also enjoy being onboard a cruise liner in the Mediterranean, helicopter transfers, pit-lane tours and much much more, the experience is only limited by your imagination. This is our favourite event of the year, and we have many clients coming with us year after year, please take a look at some of the testimonials left by our clients over the last few years.

Monaco is an iconic race held overlooking the bay in Monte Carlo and is really popular with Formula One fans throughout the world and if you are to only go to one F1 race then Monaco is the one, with its luxury location, atmosphere and all the excitement that can unfold on the racetrack, it is an event not to be missed. You can also have a drive in one of the F1 cars by booking one of our F1 Driving Package! We know that you will not be disappointed!


45m Yacht. When people think of Monaco, they think luxury yachts. So why not treat yourself to one of our VIP packages that have you located on a yacht to see all the race unfold and watch the F1 cars whizz past. There can be no better location in Monaco than on one of our yachts that we provide for our guests. The yachts are berthed just on the exit of the chicane and on the straight towards Tabac corners giving a great vantage point to view the action to it fullest.

yacht view of the racing cars going buy
view of all the luxury yachts in the bay

The iconic Cafe de Paris. A great viewing point in the heart of all the action in the Casino Square overlooking the fountains and the Hotel de Paris. The views from here are nothing but spectacular and give an up close and personal vantage point of all the F1 cars racing by, this is not to be missed. You can watch the cars from two different vantage points, the front terrace has views of Massenet, Casino Square entry, and Casino Square exit, from one story above this is a close view of the cars. With the second side terrace you have the view of the exit of Casino Square, underneath the bridge and into Mirabeau corners - ear plugs provided to our guests are not a luxury, they are a necessity!

formula one car in action
views to cafe de paris and the casino

Monaco - A Place of Glamour and Culture

The principality of Monaco is ideally located in the middle of the French and Italian Rivieras. So, a great place to visit if you want to see all that Nice has to offer and go shopping in Cannes.

Monaco is a unique destination and has no equal, it offers glamour, style and a heritage that is rich and full of culture that not many countries can match. So once the Grand Prix is over and all the excitement has died down, there is plenty to do and see for the rest of your trip while you are staying in Monaco, Nice or even Eze.

The size of Monaco makes it easy to organise a day out and navigate around this compact location because of all the hotels, places of interest, venues, bars, and restaurants are in close proximity and centrally located.

One of the most important aspects for some about being away is the weather and you will be glad to know that it is good, with generally mild temperatures and sunshine for over 300 days a year, which it makes a lovely destination all year round to go to even when the Grand Prix is not on. Also, it is one of the safest places to visit in Europe and English is widely spoken throughout, so if you get stuck or need some help, then there will be someone on hand to help you with your enquiry if we are not available straight away.

For more information, please go to our Monaco Events page to read more about the history and the event itself or give us a call 01382 480077, we would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.


GPA have been outstanding and we cannot thank you guys enough for the hospitality. We've made new friends and it truly has been a trip of a lifetime, THANK YOU!


Nathan Lund & Andrea Kokonas - For More Testimonials



  • VIP hospitality
  • Greats views of the track
  • Airport transfer
  • Choice of luxury hotels
  • Gourmet dining, wine and beers
  • GPA team on hand throughout
  • Private washrooms
  • Earplugs, lanyard & ticket wallet
  • Knowledgeable and friendly staff
  • Yacht viewing options
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