Monaco Grand Prix Views


Beau Rivage Balcony

We are on Avenue d'Ostende immediately above the lively first corner, St Devote, and have many terraces within the Beau Rivage building. We hand-picked (by a life-long F1™ fan), each viewing area for its spectacular vantage point. No matter where you are, it could be floor 6, floor 7, or up at floor 8, you can enjoy panoramic views of the race circuit; the lower floors are closer to the cars, while the top floors provide a bird's-eye perspective of more than 60% of the entire race. For more on the Beau Rivage Balcony.

Les Princes Balcony

The Les Princes Building is located set back and immediately after the Sainte Devote Corner, one of the circuit's overtaking possibilities. This turn, Tabac, the Swimming Pool complex, La Rascasse, and the Formula One car action are all well visible from this vantage point. For more on the Le Princes Balcony.

Caravelles Balcony

The terrace's breathtaking views offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity to view the race and a reputation as one of the top VIP spots to watch the Monaco Grand Prix. The Caravelles' Terrace provides breathtaking views of the race, taking in about 75% of the circuit. On Boulevard Albert 1er, near the final part of the start/finish straight, is where the Caravelles building may be found. For more on the Caravelles VIP Terrace.

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