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David Coulthard

13-time Grand Prix winner and the highest scoring British driver of all time, David Coulthard has been a prominent figure in the world of Formula One since his debut season for Williams in 1994. Having driven for Williams, McLaren & Red Bull, DC knows what it takes to win, and having won twice in Monaco he is one of the best people to have give us an insight into the world of driving a Formula One car around these amazingly narrow streets.

For the past 5 years he has been kind enough to give up some of his valuable time to make an appearances for Grand Prix Adventures. Whether at the Columbus Hotel (which he used to own), The Fairmont Hotel or at the Café de Paris, DC is always happy to meet with our customers and chat with them.

David spends a not unreasonable amount of time with us at the event and is happy to field questions from the audience, sign autographs and auction some of his belongings for a children's charity. Some of our guests are now the proud owners of DC racing gloves, prints, model cars, books and even one of his helmets!

You will been treated to some remarkable stories from the world of F1, enjoy David's forthright opinions on his competitors and experience an all too rare opportunity of actually meeting one of the leading figures in motor-racing. We have DC scheduled for another appearance at the Café de Paris on Thursday, don't miss this!

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