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Did you know one of the most expensive F1 crashes in history didn't have much to do with a damaged car at all? In 2004, as part of a publicity campaign, the Ocean's 12 film producers fitted each Jaguar's nose cone with a $274,500 (over $400k in today's money) diamond. Christian Klien (one of the drivers) crashed in his first lap, and though the car was brought in, the diamond was never found.

The standard F1 Race Weekend always makes for a great day out for the spectator, but every so often something truly historic, unique, and marvellous happens. If you keep reading, you'll find out how exhilarating and memorable a Grand Prix trip can actually be and we would be more than happy to advise you on the best options to suit your needs.

Travel to Places You've Always Wanted to See

F1 Grand Prix events are hosted in some of the most beautiful cities in the world. Before the weekend even begins, you'll set off to the host city, where you'll be staying in hotels with world-class views. If you book with us you can be driven between the airport, your hotel, and the circuit, so you never have to worry about getting lost and missing the action.

If you arrive on a Thursday, the first of the F1 trip activities is the pre-race press conference. All the teams' drivers answer questions about the sport, the particular weekend ahead, as well as some off-the-cuff trivia questions like "how thin do you have to be to fit in the car". 

Buying F1 tickets puts you in close quarters with other guests who share the passion for F1. Spend the time between events making new friends or business connections or take your special someone to a romantic spot in the host city. Some packages even include tours and pampering sessions for you to enjoy long after the race is over, which is perfect for a small holiday.

Watch the Teams Practice

The F1 Race Weekend schedule usually starts on Friday with two 90-minute free practice sessions. You'll enjoy seeing the teams take to the circuit and test driving their Formula One cars for the first time at the particular event that year. The drivers will be getting a feel for the land as well as any adjustments that are needed to be made to the vehicles, and their teams will be collecting data for any simulations that are needed to be done.

There's also a 60-minute free session the following morning. The stakes are quite low during these sessions, which makes them a perfect time to have a good chat with the family, friends, or business partners you have with you or just enjoy the view.

Watch The Main Event

On Saturday afternoon you'll be able to watch the Qualifying Session, where drivers compete to determine their position for the race on Sunday. Traditionally this session happens in three phases taking just over an hour, but in 2021 the sport also used a Sprint-Qualifying format lasting 30 minutes. This is an important part of the weekend to determine who will be at the front of the grid on race day.

The qualifier can get very tense because it's very likely that a driver ends in the same position he started in if he doesn't improve on his initial time. This is especially the case for city circuits like Monaco's where the track is too narrow to overtake easily, so getting as far up the grid is vital to earn the maximum points or even win the race.

Sunday's adventure will start with the same trip you've made from your hotel to the circuit the previous days, only now it will be for the main event of the F1 race weekend and what everyone has come to see. The drivers will make their way to their starting positions, and you get to watch the world's number one motor racing event from the stands, yacht or your private balcony. Cheer for your favourite driver with the crowd, and maybe even see them stand on the podium.

Book Your F1 Race Weekend Trip Now

There's so much more to an F1 race weekend than just the race itself. You get to experience the sport and the host cities hospitality with close friends and family. If you like this idea, book your trip today we know you will not be disappointed!


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