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For five years, the Formula One European Grand Prix was held at the Valencia Street Circuit in Valencia, Spain.

Attending a Formula One Grand Prix is the dream of many people worldwide. Whether it’s the exciting race, the charismatic drivers, or the stunning location, the Grand Prix is a magical and memorable experience.

The history of the Grand Prix wouldn’t be the same without the F1 Street Circuit in Valencia between 2008 and 2012. While passionate F1 fans are likely familiar with the Valencia Grand Prix, there is much to learn about the facts and history of the Valencia Street Circuit. Let’s dive into some of the most fascinating facts about the history of the Grand Prix in Valencia.

Where it Began

Until 2007, Valencia was not a location familiar to the Grand Prix. However, this changed after Francisco Camps–the former regional premier–began a contract to have the European Grand Prix take place in Valencia, Spain.

This ambitious venture aimed to transform part of Valencia and attract newfound attention to the city. The effort was massively successful and convinced investors to build a strong community within Valencia, adding apartments and skyscrapers to bring the city to its full potential.

The Creation of the F1 Street Circuit in Valencia

The F1 Street Circuit in Valencia was designed with the careful eye of Hermann Tilke, a top designer for Formula One that transformed Valencia’s potential for hosting Grand Prix events. The Street Circuit track in Valencia was uniquely designed by combining roads with existing race tracks. Tilke’s design crossed different parts of Valencia, repurposing buildings and using the city’s existing infrastructure as part of the track layout.

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Valencia’s First Winner

Valencia's Street Circuit first saw success with its 2008 European Grand Prix event, where crowds watched excitedly as Felipe Massa claimed the prize. Massa took the pole position in the first win at the F1 Street Circuit in Valencia and ultimately defeated his competition, which was also his 100th race.

Massa won against Lewis Hamilton by 5.6 seconds, marking a new journey for Valencia and garnering attention to the city's potential for more events. In the years to come, Valencia would continue hosting the European Grand Prix at its unique Street Circuit.

One Final Battle

Unfortunately, Valencia did not host the European Grand Prix for the duration of its contract. The final European Grand Prix race in Valencia occurred in 2012. Fernando Alonso gave a breathtaking performance after winning from 11th on the grid. The race was a monumental moment for many participants and was an exciting end to a unique race track.

An Abrupt Ending

Valencia’s reign as the host of the European Grand Prix was short-lived because of the cost of maintaining the circuit. A lack of sufficient revenue and funding meant that Formula 1 could no longer host events in Valencia.

Despite its potential, Valencia couldn’t maintain the cost of the Valencia Street Circuit, particularly given F1’s standards for racetracks hosting the Grand Prix. The track is a relative ghost town after vandalism since the Grand Prix left. However, one can still feel the remnants of this massive event in Valencia by looking back on its history.

The Future of Valencia Grand Prix Events

While Valencia is no longer the site of the European Grand Prix, many F1 enthusiasts hope to see the Grand Prix return to Valencia one day. Though the F1 Street Circuit in Valencia has faded, one can hold onto hope that renovations and designs are made to bring the spirit of the Grand Prix back to Valencia.

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European Grand Prix Winners:

Year  Driver    Constructor    Location
2008   brazil Flag   Felipe Massa     Ferrari       spanish Flag   Valencia
2009   brazil Flag   Rubens Barrichello     Brawn-Mercedes       spanish Flag   Valencia
2010   german Flag   Sebastian Vettel     Red Bull-Renault       spanish Flag   Valencia
2011   german Flag   Sebastian Vettel     Red Bull-Renault       spanish Flag   Valencia
2012   spanish Flag   Fernando Alonso     Ferrari       spanish Flag   Valencia

formula one grand prix circuit in valencia


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