The Grand Prix 2023 in Saudi Arabia

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"When we were fast, we weren't that fast," "That is the fastest car I have seen compared to the rest." (Lewis Hamilton )

Red Bull Seen As The Fastest Car They Have Seen

Max Verstappen was beaten by Sergio Perez to win the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, continuing Red Bull's dominant start to the new season in Jeddah. Verstappen, a teammate who had to withdraw from qualifying due to a driveshaft issue, battled back from 15th place to cross the finish line 5.3 seconds in 2nd place behind the winner Perez.

Fernando Alonso, driving an Aston Martin, initially occupied the last position on the podium but was subsequently disqualified, moving up George Russell to claim the first podium finish for Mercedes this season, Fernando Alonso's third-place finish in the 2023 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix has been restored after Aston Martin on Sunday night sought a Right of Review, a bit of a mix up there.

In the early laps of the race, Alonso briefly held the lead, but he shortly received a five-second penalty for starting outside of his grid position. The two-time champion was later given a second 10-second penalty for failing to serve the first one properly, which caused him to resign from the podium and elevated George Russell of Mercedes to third position.

Initially, the stewards determined that the penalty had not been properly served because the rear jack touched the vehicle before the allotted five seconds had passed. The FIA has since changed its mind, publishing a document that claimed Aston Martin had sent a letter asking for the 10-second fine to be reviewed.

Lewis Hamilton finished fifth. Red Bull are out of this world this season, and their dominating one-two finish - their second in as many races - will be a significant worry for F1 executives as the series begins a record 23-round schedule.

Red Bull's impressive performance here on the Red Sea hasn't done much to disprove Russell's terrifying forecast, which he made following the season-opening race in Bahrain a fortnight ago.

To beat teammate Max Verstappen and win in Saudi Arabia, Sergio Perez drove what team manager Christian Horner called his "best grand prix," but the major Formula 1 story on Sunday was just how far ahead Red Bull are of everyone else.

"And all testament to the team in Milton Keynes who have done a wonderful job over the winter. It has been the best start to a season we've ever had."

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