Perez is planning to take on Verstappen and win the championship

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In the Formula 1 Championship, Sergio Pérez is planning to defeat Red Bull Teammate Max Verstappen.

This week, Sergio Pérez seems quite composed. He wasn't even getting ahead of himself when talking about last weekend's victory in the Azerbaijan Grand Prix in Baku, which included a close race with Oracle Red Bull Racing colleague Max Verstappen.

In the first four races of the 2023 Formula One season, Pérez has won twice. He won two races last year for a career-high total after taking home a single victory each in 2020 and 2021. Verstappen, the driver that dominated the previous two seasons with a combined 25 victories over 45 races and set the new single season win record of 15 in 2022 is now just six points ahead of his teammate.

Prior to the Miami Grand Prix, Pérez stated on a Zoom call. “The team has done a tremendous job,” and “To have this car and win every single race since the beginning of the year is incredible. This is a team that is searching for perfection all the time.”

Sergio Perez asserts that he will need to be "perfect" if he wants to defeat Red Bull teammate Max Verstappen and win the championship this year.

With two victories each, Perez and Verstappen are six points apart going into this weekend's Miami Grand Prix.

"The only chance I have to beat Max is by perfect and being able to deliver when it matters." Is what Perez had said on the matter.

The Mexican claimed he was convinced that the team would give him the support he needed to combat Verstappen, although Red Bull has indicated that the two are free to race as long as they put the team's interests first.

Red Bull Racing has won five constructor championships and six driver championships under the direction of team principal Christian Horner.

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Team principal Horner are a Challenging Team

In November Team principal Horner stated, “We’ve been non-conformist at times,” and “We’re a challenging brand and a challenging team that embodies itself in everything we do and how we go racing.”

The Mexican-born driver will remain with the Red Bull team for at least two more seasons through 2024, Red Bull revealed in May of 2022. Pérez is currently in the middle of his third season with the squad and is only becoming faster when racing.

2011 marked the beginning of Pérez's Formula 1 career with Sauber. In his sophomore year, he won three podiums.

By 2013, he changed his strategy to take on McLaren. He moved again to Sahara Force India within a year. Even after the team moved to Racing Point (now Aston Martin), he stayed on through 2020.

Pérez finally got his big break in 2021 when Red Bull replaced their second driver for him behind Verstappen who is number 1 place with the team. But in 2023, he's prepared to challenge his teammate for first place.

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