view from up high in le rocher, looking down onto Monaco town

This Vantage Point Has An Interesting Past

A rocky headland overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, containing Monaco’s oldest quarter Monaco-Ville – Le Rocher has had many purposes: an ancient shelter, a fortress, an important maritime trading route and a strategic naval base.

Today, above the Rascasse and beneath the Princes’ Palace it provides a spectacular viewing platform for Formula One fans.

Wide panoramic views overlooking the harbour, Anthony Noghes Corner and the Swimming Pool Complex – the Piscine.

Observe the race at some notable track points: the tunnel exit, the length of the waterfront, the pit lane entrance and the exit of Anthony Noghes Corner - where the cars are closest.

This is as close to general admission as the Monaco Grand Prix gets.

It Used To Be Free, Sadly Not Anymore!

Some years ago, it was free to view from here, but as word got around – the crowds increased - and a ticketing system was necessary.

2021 prices for Le Rocher are currently showing at £29 per adult (£0 per child) for Practice on Thursday, up to £97 per adult (£49 per child) for the Race Day on Sunday.

Because of the low prices, comfort is scarce. This is not the luxury you will find elsewhere at the Monaco Grand Prix. Think ‘festival’ on a rocky terrain.

You are advised to bring your own chairs, cushions, blankets etc and get there EARLY for the best views. Before you decide to go, first accept the possibility that you may not be able to see any of the race.

formula one racing in monaco, going past luxury yachts

Things to consider:

  • This is a steep rocky slope, so will not be suitable for every spectator.
  • Some people camp out for days - in order to get the best viewing spot for the race on Sunday. Get there early. By 6am. Or better still, camp overnight.
  • If you are lucky enough to get a spot with great views – then the small cash price that you paid will be a bargain. This will take planning, dedication and some luck.
  • Because everyone there is desperate for a good view - at a fraction of the prices elsewhere - it can get very crowded. Crowds are not for everyone.
  • There is a big screen showing the race. Again, you will also need a good vantage point to see this.
  • If you are unlucky with your ‘spot’ and have a very poor view (or none at all) you will have to be satisfied with the atmosphere.
  • Good news = if you have the right attitude the atmosphere is incredible. And the crowd are friendly.
  • This is a group event. You will need other people with you to ‘keep your place’ when you go to the toilet or for refreshments etc.
  • Take chairs, mats/blankets, appropriate clothing, food and drink. And don’t forget the binoculars to keep your eye on the racing!
  • Make sure that children wear earplugs and ear defenders to protect their hearing.
  • Get as comfortable as possible. You will be there until the race ends at 4pm.
  • Prepare for rain. As with a festival, this can put a dampener on things. Take clothing for wet weather and storage for dry towels etc.
  • On the plus side, the Monaco Grand Prix is much more exciting in the rain.
  • This is a labour of love. Not for the faint-hearted. But done correctly, an experience that you will remember forever.

Grand Prix de Monaco from the Rocher Viewing Point