We can't wait for the new season to start

formula one cars competing at the grand prix

The sound of purring engines on the track and that smell of burning rubber as it screeches on the asphalt can only mean one thing, Formula 1 Season is back. Starting on March 20, 2022, and ending November 20, 2022, it's set to be as action-packed and even more exciting than the 2021 season.

There’s a lot to look forward to and some changes to note as we head into the 2022 season.

Formula 1 2022 A year of firsts

The entire season will be a whopping 23 races this year. It’ll be a truly global spectacle starting in Bahrain and ending in Abu Dhabi. This is the largest number of events that Formula 1 has ever had in a season.

There’s also a new venue for hosting the event with the inclusion of Miami for the first time (see our range of packages for Miami). Nothing like being able to combine that Miami heat with some intense racing. It will also be the first year that will have a Grand Prix with two races happening stateside, with Austin being the venue for the other event.

This will be a big boost to the sport in the American market and might be able to gain additional traction for years to come. Also, this is a historic first for having the driver Zhou Guanyu move up from Formula 2 and represent his home country of China in Formula One. He's still a rookie at this point, but it'll definitely be a race you don't want to miss.

There will also be more sprint races upcoming in 2022, double what it was in 2021, going from 3 to 6. All in the name of making Formula 1 racing more exciting with each year.

f1 drivers celebrating on the podium with champagne

New 2022 Regulations and car designs

The cars themselves are getting some additional regulations and redesign requirements to ensure a more exciting race. All cars are being designed to reduce downforce percentages significantly. Simply put, it's about having closer racing without the side effect of throwing unsafe dust and debris behind the racing cars.

They will have two Venturi vents in the front of the car at the fin level. This also helps to reduce creating too much air pressure. In addition, the fins will also be redesigned with the target of reducing the additional air pressure vortexes that are often created in the process. This will all result in a much easier way for cars to follow each other. It's all about having the proper wake control and making a smoother more controlled race for all involved.

There's also going to be a switch with the wheels as well. For the past three decades, the wheel size has remained at 13 inches. Now they will be switched to 18-inch wheels. This is more than trying to make them look cooler, but will also be a key reason to make the driving a lot more precise without having to have to give so much attention to the maintenance of previous tires.

They are also bringing back tire covers. All of this, from the size to the covers will not affect the overall lap times, but it's in an effort to reduce turbulence and downforce, which has been a major pain point recently.

Safety on the top of the list

Besides trying to make racing more enjoyable for the race car drivers, a lot of thought has been put into how to make the sport safer. Unfortunately, in recent years there have been some high-profile accidents, and even though every year there are always a few things included to improve safety, 2022 takes it up a level.

The car itself has been made heavier through construction which will increase the absorption of impact. The front has increased its absorption rate by nearly 50% and the back of the car has increased by around 15% from the previous years’ car models. Protection from side impacts have also been strengthened with the newer regulations for the 2022 car.

In addition, in the off chance there is an accident, the components of the car, from the seat to the gas tanks, have been built in a new way that if they break apart in a collision, they don't disperse all over the track. This means less threat of cascading accidents.

All of these new safety measures will increase the weight of the car by an additional 40 kilograms. This is without any major enhancements to improve the overall speed of the car this year, so there’s a good chance these new 2022 models are going to run heavier and slower.

lewis hamilton had on chest

An old rivalry to follow

Although Formula 1 Car racing is exciting for everyone involved, there’s a returning rivalry this year to look out for. That’s the Hamilton / Verstappen challenge which stole a big part of the show in 2021. With 14 of the 22 races having them neck and neck for the coveted 1st place, it was Max Verstappen who took the ultimate prize in the Grand Prix, with a final win in Abu Dhabi.

There’s a generational difference between the two racers, with Hamilton being a staple in the industry while Verstappen is an up and comer, starting his career in 2015 at the tender age of 17 and a half years old. Verstappen took the circuit by storm and is the youngest ever to join Formula Racing.

With Lewis Hamilton Winning in 2020 and then getting it taken away from him in 2021, it will lead to a very gruelling and exciting match-up in 2022. This also adds to that extra racing event this year, making it even more of a task for the pair.

The rivalry doesn’t end with just the racers themselves but spills over into the manufacturers of Formula 1 racing cars. The two titans of the industry, Ferrari and McLaren are looking to get back to the front lines, since they weren’t able to be a challenger last year.

Ferrari historically has the most Grand Prix wins of any team, and it wasn’t good for the racing manufacturer last year as they finished in third, though an improvement on the year before. So as Ferrari are synonymous with high-quality racing cars and winning, they're putting in the extra effort to get to the top this year. Not only did Verstappen win in 2021, but he also won it with the Red Bull Racing – Honda team, a relative newcomer to the Grand Prix and Formula 1 racing.

ferrari mechanics at work in the pits

Get ready

The 2022 Formula 1 race is going to be one of the most exciting events of the year. It has been able to hold its resolve during the pandemic and will continue to follow strict safety guidelines for everyone involved, not just the racecar drivers when they're in the driver's seat.

There's a big interest in how the new cars perform, as they should at most only be around half a second slower than previous years, offset by the number of safety features implemented, as well as a much more enjoyable race for both participants and viewers.

All we can do now is get ready for all the test driving that's about to get underway and see what all the car manufacturers have been able to design, with all the new additional features required this year around. It'll definitely be a year where they need to pull out all their mechanical engineering know how and we're sure to not be disappointed.

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