f1 ferrari car in action

It would be difficult to find anything that matches the force and agility of a Formula 1 race car. Did you know that F1 drivers pull almost 8g of force while taking 90 degree turns at over 100 km/hr?

Plus, the heart-throbbing grunt of a F1 car at full throttle is unlike any other track machine. Yet, the F1 car's beauty and design draw millions to photographing F1 cars.

If you are one of those fans, you are likely wondering where are the best places to snap Formula one cars and drivers. Well, keep reading for some tips to getting the photographic edge at your next F1 race.

Get To Know The Grid

A little research can help you scope out some excellent spots for photographing F1 cars. Before buying tickets to a F1 race, the best thing you can do is study the circuit first. Every racecourse on the Formula 1 schedule has a unique design.

Maps of the circuit grid will help you get a lay of the land before attending. It might surprise you to know that even credentialed pros walk the grid among fans. Every good photographer looks for a unique spot to shoot Formula 1 photographs.

Many fans look for seats near turns because of the action during the race. But as a photographer, you might only want general admission tickets. These tickets allow you the freedom to move around to find different angles.

Be prepared to do a lot of walking with general admission. But, moving around will also present the best places to snap Formula One cars.

Other Ticket Options

You don't have to wait until race day to get the best places for photographing F1 cars. Every stop on the circuit is a three-day event. So, consider buying the weekend pass to enjoy the complete Formula 1 experience.

Qualifying days might be your only chance to gain access to the pit lane. Static shots of F1 cars and F1 drivers are easier to find when teams are at work. Thursdays are open to all ticket holders in the pit lane.

And while you walk the pit lane, you never know when you will get a unique opportunity. During the mayhem of race preparations, you might spot a F1 driver without his helmet. Someone like Lewis Hamilton could walk past in pit lane at any moment.

Of course, there is a better chance to meet race personnel with passes to the Paddock Club. With the pass, you will get access to the pit lane every day of the event. The crowds are sparser, which gets you closer to the Formula 1 action.

Find Your Spots for Photographing F1 Cars

When you plan your Formula 1 event, make sure to get an early start. Of course, the largest crowd will be at the F1 race itself. But if you arrive in the morning as the track wakes, some great photo opportunities may arise.

An early start also gives you a chance to learn the landscape. Photographing F1 cars takes leg work. So, make the most of your Formula 1 experience and book with us soon.


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