The New Rules Have Been Introduced To Promote Closer Racing And Easier Overtaking

Part of the fun in watching Formula One is when there are changes in the standings throughout the race i.e. when one car overtakes another and in some races this can be an arduous task to say the least. Therefore a need arose to research ways of making it easier for the cars to follow closely behind each other and then be able to overtake and some modifications to the car came to light to be able to achieve this.

"The studies indicated a likelihood of a positive impact on racing and overtaking," the FIA said. Some teams were not happy with the situation, but overall for the FIA, F1 and the fans it is a TRIUMPH!

formula one car racing at monaco

Changes to be made are:

  • Simplifying the front wing of the car, with a larger spin, will give it a reduced "out-wash potential". This means that an increase of air will go inside the front wheels more so than outside
  • The rear wing will be wider and deeper
  • The brake ducts will be simplified by means of having no winglets

The changes surfaced after research was being undertaken for some major changes starting in the 2021 season, which would include technical, sporting and financial situations. Though some ideas could be introduced before then after some discussion with the teams of Formula One.

In melbourne this year at the opening race it highlighted the problem as in total for the whole Grand Prix only 5 cars overtook one another. This can't be good for the sport as a whole if whoever gets pole and starts well could almost be certain to stay there and win.

Cars since 2017 have been made faster and have found it harder to overtake one another and some critics say it makes for better racing, but the research found that the front wings were the problem when following each other and trying to overtake, bringing in the "out-wash" effect and aerodynamic down force. This air flow was great for the car in front, but for the following car it was a negative reaction with less grip and a slowing off of the car through corners, therefore it means that the driver behind can't get near to make an overtaking manoeuvre. In short it will mean the car in front should create less disturbed air by taking out the out-wash factor.

formula one car racing at monaco

Grand Prix Drivers' Association. Chairman Alex Wurz had stated on twitter: "This is a success for F1 and the GPDA! The drivers' body has been lobbing this direction since years! Thanks Ross (Brawn) and co for listening and getting this moving!"

Overtaking IN Formula One Has Reached A New Dawn!

Our next great adventure is at the iconic Monaco Grand Prix on the 27th May 2018, we hope to see you there.