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Baku City Circuit, a street circuit in Baku

The Formula One Grand Prix in Baku, Azerbaijan, is a thrilling event that combines high-speed racing with a unique cultural experience. Nestled on the shores of the Caspian Sea, this cosmopolitan city offers a stunning backdrop to one of the most exciting races on the Formula One calendar. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore everything a fan needs to know to make the most of their visit to the Baku Grand Prix.

Introduction to Baku

Baku, the Capital: Baku is the capital and largest city of Azerbaijan, known for its blend of modernity and historic charm. As you explore the city, you'll encounter a striking contrast between futuristic skyscrapers and well-preserved old town architecture.

The Circuit: The Baku City Circuit is where all the racing action unfolds. The track winds through the heart of Baku, incorporating both modern streets and historic sites. It's a thrilling and unpredictable circuit, making for fantastic racing.

Date of the Event: The Baku Grand Prix typically takes place in June, but next year The baku GP will be held in september. The exact dates can vary slightly from year to year, so it's essential to check the official Formula One calendar for the most up-to-date information.

Tickets and Seating

Ticket Categories: There are several ticket categories available, catering to different budgets and preferences. These include Grandstand seats, General Admission tickets, and VIP packages that we offer to make sure our guests exjoy the whole experience. Grandstand seats offer the good views of the racing action, while General Admission tickets allow more flexibility to explore various vantage points around the circuit.


Hotel Options: Baku boasts a wide range of accommodation options to suit various budgets. From luxury hotels with Caspian Sea views to cozy boutique guesthouses in the old town, there's something for everyone. It's advisable to book your accommodation well in advance, as hotels tend to fill up quickly during the Grand Prix weekend, but with our VIP packages we include luxury hotels for our guests to make the booking process as easy as possible.

Location Matters: Choose a hotel within reasonable proximity to the Baku City Circuit to minimise travel time to and from the races. Staying in the city centre or along the seafront promenade, close to the track, is a smart choice.

Getting Around

Public Transportation: Baku has a well-developed public transportation system, including buses and the Baku Metro. However, during the Grand Prix weekend, some roads might be closed or have restricted access, so it's essential to check for updates on transportation options.

Walking: The city centre is pedestrian-friendly, and many attractions, restaurants, and bars are within walking distance of the circuit. Comfortable walking shoes are a must.

Taxis and Ride-Sharing: Taxis and ride-sharing services like Uber are readily available in Baku. Be sure to agree on the fare or use a metered taxi to avoid any misunderstandings.

Language: While Azerbaijani is the official language, many people in Baku, especially in the hospitality industry, speak English, Russian, and Turkish.

Exploring Baku

Old Town (Icherisheher): Baku's historic core, known as the Old Town, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its narrow, winding streets are lined with centuries-old buildings, charming cafes, and souvenir shops. Don't miss the iconic Maiden Tower and the Palace of the Shirvanshahs.

Boulevard and Seaside Park: The Baku Boulevard, a scenic promenade along the Caspian Sea, is a perfect place for a leisurely stroll or bike ride. You'll find numerous cafes and restaurants with beautiful sea views.

Flame Towers: These iconic skyscrapers dominate Baku's skyline, and they are especially striking when illuminated at night. They often serve as a backdrop for post-race celebrations and fireworks.

Museums: Baku offers a range of museums, including the Heydar Aliyev Centre, which is an architectural marvel, and the Azerbaijan Carpet Museum, which showcases the country's rich carpet-making heritage.

Food and Dining

Azerbaijani Cuisine: Exploring Azerbaijani cuisine is a must. Try dishes like plov (rice pilaf), kebabs, dolma (stuffed grape leaves), and the famous Azerbaijani baklava. Restaurants serving these delicacies can be found throughout the city.

International Options: Baku's culinary scene is diverse, with restaurants offering international cuisines such as Italian, Japanese, and Middle Eastern. You'll have no trouble finding options to suit your palate.

Local Cafes: Don't forget to visit local cafes for a cup of aromatic Azerbaijani tea or strong Turkish coffee. Cafes are great places to relax and soak in the city's atmosphere.

Nightlife and Entertainment

Bars and Clubs: Baku's nightlife is vibrant, with numerous bars and clubs catering to various tastes. The nightlife district of Baku is dotted with venues that host live music, DJs, and themed parties.

Casinos: If you're feeling lucky, Baku has several casinos where you can try your hand at various games.

Cultural Performances: Check if there are any cultural performances or events happening during your visit, such as traditional Azerbaijani music or dance shows.

The Grand Prix Experience

Race Weekend Schedule: The Baku Grand Prix typically spans a weekend, with practice sessions on Friday, qualifying on Saturday, and the race on Sunday. Each day offers a unique experience, from the excitement of qualifying to the heart-pounding race itself.

Pit Walks: Some ticket categories include access to pit walks, where you can get up close to the teams and see the cars and crews in action.

Fan Zones: The circuit usually features fan zones with activities, entertainment, and opportunities to meet drivers and team members.

Safety Precautions: Follow all safety guidelines and instructions provided by race organisers. It's important to stay hydrated, wear sunscreen, and protect yourself from the sun, as Baku can get quite hot during the summer.

After the Race

Celebrate: After the race, join the celebrations in the city. The streets come alive with parties, parades, and fireworks. It's a fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in the joyous atmosphere.

Reflect and Relax: Take some time to reflect on the incredible experience you've had at the Baku Grand Prix. Whether it's savouring a local meal, enjoying a stroll along the seafront, or visiting a historic site, Baku offers many ways to unwind.


Attending the Formula One Grand Prix in Baku, Azerbaijan, is an unforgettable experience that combines the thrill of world-class racing with the charm of a vibrant and historic city. From securing your tickets and accommodation to exploring the city's culture and cuisine, this guide provides the information you need to make the most of your trip. So, rev up your engines and get ready for an exhilarating journey to the Baku Grand Prix. Enjoy the race with us

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