The Aussie Grand Prix 2023 in Melbourne

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"They need to wait until after the race and discuss with me. Clearly the penalty is not deserved. It is too severe." (Carlos Sainz)

Chaos Reigns Down Under

After a contentious crash-affected restart near the end of the race and a tumultuous and divisive Australian Grand Prix, Max Verstappen claimed victory.

Fernando Alonso of Aston Martin and Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes followed the Red Bull driver to the finish to join the Reb Bull Driver on the podium.

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Which some achievement for Alonso as was knocked into a spin when the cars had to restart with only 2 laps to go.

According to FIA rules, the cars had to perform a final lap behind the safety car after the finishing positions were determined from the most recent restart.

Carlos Sainz of Ferrari was given a five-second time penalty for tagging Alonso's car at the first turn, which resulted in the decisive collision and dropped Alonso from fourth to 12th and out of the points, adding to the controversy.

Sainz, who was visibly upset, called the decision "unacceptable" and finished out of the points, not a great day for Carlos.

The other two major losers from the official rulings were the Alpine drivers Pierre Gasly and Esteban Ocon, who took the penultimate restart in fifth and tenth place but collided with each other and retired at the second corner.

Despite Hamilton and George Russell of Mercedes taking the early lead after Verstappen lost his pole position, Verstappen had controlled the majority of the action.

Russell dropped down the order as a result of a first red flag brought on by Alex Albon's solo accident, which scattered debris and gravel across the road. Russell had pitted just before the race was halted and was driving under safety car conditions.

Hamilton kept up his startling advantage at the second standing start, but Verstappen quickly passed him after the DRS overtaking aid was turned back on. Verstappen would go on to maintain his lead throughout the race, but not without plenty of drama and perplexing moments.

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