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Your view Choice of Grandstand Balcony

If this is your first time to Monaco, you want to be sure you can see as much of the track as possible! With GPA you can select from each and every stand available, why not book a different stand for each day? Nice and close to the action with Stand A on Saturday and a panoramic view of the pits and Swimming pool complex for race day from Stand M.

Whatever your requirement we can "mix-and-match" to give you the best viewing options for the weekend, call our experienced team to ask where you should be watching from!

Monaco Grand Prix Grandstand Seating
Physical Stand Place Views of 
Stand A (*CLOSE*) Place Sainte-Dévote OUTSIDE of Ste Devote corner and steep hill of Beau Rivage
Stand A1 (*CLOSE*) Place Sainte-Dévote INSIDE of Ste Devote corner and Tabac behind if in back rows
Stand B Casino Square OUTSIDE of track looking at entry and exit of Casino Square
Stand C Virage du Portier Directly beside Portier looking at entry to tunnel
Stand K Quai Albert 1er Largest stand viewing Tabac, exit of tunnel and chicane
Stand L Piscine Rainier III INSIDE of track looking at Swimming Pool and Pit Lane
Stand M (*CLOSE*) Quai Albert 1er INSIDE of track looking at chicane (VERY close)
Stand N Piscine Panne Nord OUTSIDE of track looking at Swimming Pool complex
Stand O Piscine Plongeur OUTSIDE of track looking at Swimming Pool complex
Stand P Piscine Panne Sud OUTSIDE of track looking at Swimming Pool complex
Stand T Cale de Halage Looking at Swimming Pool, Rascasse and Pit Lane
Stand V (*CLOSE) Virage Antony Noghes Small stand VERY close to Anthony Noghes (last corner)
Stand X1 & X2 (*CLOSE) Boulevard Albert 1er Located directly on the start / finish straight

Our Caterers For The Monaco GP

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  • VIP hospitality
  • Greats views of the track
  • Airport transfer
  • Choice of luxury hotels
  • Gourmet dining, wine and beers
  • GPA team on hand throughout
  • Private washrooms
  • Earplugs, lanyard & ticket wallet
  • Knowledgeable and friendly staff
  • Yacht viewing options


  • A brilliant weekend from being met at the airport on Wednesday meant thorough 5* service from GPA. Can't fault the traveling with GPA and would so so again, definitely recommended. A fabulous weekend, many thanks! Helen & Richard Laidlaw
  • GPA have been outstanding and we cannot thank you guys enough for the hospitality. We've made new friends and it truly has been a trip of a lifetime, THANK YOU! :-) Nathan Lund & Andrea Kokonas
  • Thanks Kenny, really appreciate you taking care of Polly & me during the Grand Prix this year, next time we'll get in with McLaren or Red Bull yeah? - Silverstone Sid Owen & Polly Parsons
  • This was a once-in-a-lifetime surprise trip for my husbands birthday. I was so pleased to see his excitement as to how close we were to the cars and how we were treated as true VIP's. - Monaco Mrs Valet
  • Thanks Ken, Singapore for the past 4 years with you and now Monaco too - love what you do and I know you love what you do! Keep it up, see you in Singapore! - 2013, 12. 11, 10, 09, 08 Singapore, Monaco, Silverstone Vas & Andrea
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