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Monaco Grand Prix Packages 2018

F1 VIP Trips, Tours and Tickets

Dates - Thursday 24th May - Sunday 27th May 2018


Fri 25th May - Mon 28th May

Experience VIP Hospitality on Saturday from the world famous Café de Paris and have your choice of Grandstand for the day of the race. A great value package which includes hotel and transfers.

From £1495.00 pp

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Fri 25th May - Mon 28th May

3 nights in a Nice hotel (3 or 4 star), VIP hospitality with TWO different views of the track, open bar & gourmet lunch at the Grand Prix, Airport transfer, train transfers to Monaco. Superb F1 GP Trip.

From £1995.00 pp

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Wed 23rd May - Mon 28th May

See more than 80% of the track viewing from both a yacht in the harbour for Thursday and a sensational view of 60% of the Monaco GP circuit for Saturday & Sunday of the Grand Prix.

From £3295.00 pp

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Wed 23rd May - Mon 28th May

5 or 7 nights in a 3-star hotel 200m from MONACO! Weekend viewing from our spectacular terrace, views of 60% of the track, Saturday & Sunday open bar of wine, beer & soft drinks and all food at GP.

From £3995.00 pp

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Wed 23rd May - Mon 28th May

5 nights at the Chateau Eza, 3 spectacular views over 3 days of F1 action on the yacht. Thursday, Shangri La Saturday and Beau Rivage Sunday, viewing over 80% of the track! Transfers, open bar and gourmet dining throughout.

From £4895.00 pp

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Wed 23rd May - Mon 28th May

5 nights in the Beausoleil Apartment Hotel, VIP hospitality with 3 different views of the track, Helicopter transfers to Monaco, Superyacht deck rooftop for practice, Shangri La terrace for Saturday and Beau Rivage terrace for race day.

From £4995.00 pp

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Wed 23rd May - Mon 28th May

5 nights in the deluxe Sea-front MONACO hotel. VIP hospitality with spectacular views of the track, Helicopter transfers to Monaco, views from a Yacht, Beau Rivage AND Shangri La. 3 night packages are also available.

From £5495.00 pp

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Wed 23rd May - Mon 28th May

5 nights in the Beausoleil Apartment Hotel. VIP hospitality with 3 different views of the track, Helicopter transfers to Monaco, Superyacht deck rooftop for practice, Shangri La terrace for Saturday & Beau Rivage terrace on Sunday.

From £5595.00 pp

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Wed 23rd May - Mon 28th May

This package includes 5 nights full board on a 5-star Yacht located at the exit of the tunnel in a VIP stateroom with a Monaco view of the track, All food and Drinks included (free flowing champagne) whilst on board.

From £7995.00 pp

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Wed 23rd May - Mon 28th May

Deluxe Sea-View room at the Meridien Beach Plaza, helicopter transfers, Yacht on Thursday for practice, Friday is Dinner with a Driver, VIP balcony on Saturday and Our Rolls Royce of a balcony Sunday.

From £9995.00 pp

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Wed 23rd May - Mon 28th May

5 nights at the Meridien Beach Plaza hotel in Monaco, VIP hospitality on one of the Superyachts viewing Tabac, Helicopter transfers to Monaco, Café de Paris rooftop for practice, Meet some F1 celebrities.

From £9995.00 pp

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Pit Lane Tour

Friday 25th May

See the Formula One cars in their garages and have an interesting garage tour as a guest of one of the F1 teams. This package is only available to those booking a full Adventure with GPA and places are strictly limited.

From £1595.00 pp

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Monaco F1 Grand Prix VIP Packages

This magical event is held in the month of May each year and is so popular with F1 racing fans all over the world! The Monaco Grand Prix still remains one of the most exciting spectacles on the F1 calendar.

Try your hand at driving a Formula One Car yourself with our F1 Driving Package!

The Iconic Formula One Race that Is Monaco

The narrow streets of the Principality in Monaco being closed off to the public and traffic, the event now transforms into the most iconic race track in the world.

Over a long weekend, the F1 Grand Prix circus comes to town and brings a remarkable amount of people to the area. Held around the same time as the Cannes Film Festival many of the movie celebrities are to be found enjoying the sights and sounds of the F1 weekend during this spectacular sporting occasion.

gpa street devote

Automobile Club de Monaco

The race is organised by the prestigious Automobile Club de Monaco who ran the first Monaco Grand Prix in 1929, since 1955 (the modern era) Monaco has been on the F1 calendar for every championship contested. All of the drivers cite this Grand Prix as the one they most want to win the most as it is considered the ultimate driving challenge, the 2018 Monaco Grand Prix next year is scheduled to take place on Sunday the 27th of May 2018 and we will be there for all the thrills and spills.

monte carlo casino sign at the grand prix
Circuit de Monaco - The streets of Monte Carlo

The circuit winds its way through the streets of Monaco and covers some 3.340KM (2.13 miles) with many elevation changes. The formula one circuit passes many famous buildings around the streets of Monaco and makes use of the famous tunnel, upon exiting the tunnel the track then winds around the Monaco harbour, for one weekend of the year those who have berths are politely asked to leave to a make way for the drivers, sponsors and team-owner yachts and the harbour is always full of the most amazing super-yachts.

the monaco racing circuit

Monaco GP 2018 Race Schedule

24 May Thurs (Practice Laps)
25 May Fri (Supporting Races - 2016 saw Porsche Supercup qualifying and GP2 race)
26 May Sat (Qualifying Laps)
27 May Sun (Race - The Big Event!)

Grand Prix Circuit (2015–)

Length 3.337 km (2.074 miles)
Race length: 260.286 km (161.734 miles)
Laps: 78
Turns 19
Race lap record 1:14.820 (current circuit*) (Mexico Sergio Pérez, Force India-Mercedes, 2017)

Schumacher Reigns Supreme!

*The current lap record is held by Michael Schumacher who managed to lap the track in 1:14.439 in 2004 (race conditions), this looks likely to remain the lap record as the new tyres don’t offer as much grip, 2012 fastest lap saw a 1:17.296 time being recorded, however, pole position was a faster time of 1:14.301.

The Monaco circuit has seen many changes over the years and the most recent has been in 2015 which saw a slight shortening of the overall length of the race, not by much we might add.

Monaco Grand Prix 2017 Report:

The actual race was not as exciting as usual and Jenson Button`s crash would prove the most thrilling part of the race. Raikkonen had started in pole but would not end up in first and Hamilton had been poor in qualifying and would not make up enough lost ground to have any impact on the standings. With a ’one pit only’ plan, it would appear that the Ferrari engineers’ strategy would prove vital for a Vettel win! To read more about the race then please go to our news page on the Monaco GP.

Uniquely in Monaco the F1 practice sessions take place on a Thursday which is traditionally because the event was held over the Ascension day weekend in France and the Monegasque people wanted peace-and-quiet on the Friday which was/is a public holiday, whilst the race isn’t always now over this particular holiday, F1 and the Monaco Royal Family have maintained the tradition.

Race Results:

1. Sebastian Vettel
2. Kimi Raikkonen
3. Daniel Ricciardo
4. Valtteri Bottas
5. Max Verstappen
6. Carlos Sainz Jr
7. Lewis Hamilton
8. Romain Grosjean
9. Felipe Massa
10. Kevin Magnussen

Fantastic Hospitality Packages Available for 2018

Grand Prix Adventures have been offering Monaco Grand Prix Packages & Monaco F1 Hospitality to this event since 2004, in actual fact the company idea began during a trip there in 2003! We have access to balconies, hotels, yachts, parties and just about anything and everything you could possibly want to experience during this event, since 2003 many ‘experts’ have come along (and many of them no longer exist!) but one thing you can be sure of with Grand Prix Adventures is that we are offering you, the customer, the best possible experience at this amazing sporting occasion.

We offer a varied array of Hotels and Balcony viewing points, so our guests can receive the best possible experience when they are over in Monaco. Here are a list of what is available

Viewing Balconies and Yachts
Cafe De Paris

The iconic Cafe de Paris is located ideally in the Casino Square right next to the casino and overlooking the Hotel de Paris and the fountains. The views from here are spectacular and give a really up close and personal vantage point of all the F1 cars racing by: not to be missed. You can watch the cars from two different vantage points, the front terrace has views of Massenet, Casino Square entry and Casino Square exit, from one story above this is a really close view of the cars. With the second side terrace you have the view of the exit of Casino Square, underneath the bridge and into Mirabeau corners - ear plugs are not a luxury, they are a necessity!


We offer a varied selection of grandstand viewing for our guests and they can "mix-and-match" to give them the best possible vantage point to see all the action. So it is up to them where they see the race.

33m Yacht

A great and memorable way to see all of the action is aboard a luxury yacht, moored in the harbour. The yacht we use is situated in a prime location for viewing the circuit, just at the tunnel exit which can give views of the Tunnel, Nouvelle Chicane and the entry to Tabac. The crew onboard are first class serving gourmet food for all our guests and offering a free open bar all day!

Start Line

The circuit of Monaco can be viewed from the Start/finish line from Thursday, Saturday and Sunday and is a spectacular vantage point to watch all the thrills and spills of the Monaco Grand Prix. This terrace gives views of Pit Lanes, Ste Devote (turn 1) corner, Beau Rivage and Exit of the Tunnel to name but a few.

Shangri La

The Shangri La Balcony can be considered by some as the most exclusive terrace to see the Monaco GP and it is situated right about the start/finish line straight. This terrace can see over 60% of the circuit, so most of the event can be seen from just one spot. With views of the Beau Rivage, the exit of the Tunnel, Chicane, Tabac, Swimming Pool complex and Rascasse, there can't be many other places in Monaco that can match this place and the hospitality on offer that we provide compliments the surroundings precisely.

Beau Rivage

The Beau Rivage building offers several lovely terraces that we use for our guests and all of them were hand-picked (by a life-long F1™ fan) to give the best views of the race. Be it on floor 2, floor 5 or floor 8, all the terraces offer panoramic views of the track. If you like close views of the cars (lower floors) or more a eagle-eyed view (higher floors - 60% of the track) we have it covered.

45m Yacht

Monaco is renowned for it yachts, but there are yachts and then there are SUPER yachts which like to use for our VIP guests. The yachts are berthed just on the exit of the chicane and on the straight towards Tabac corners. These tri-deck multi-million-dollar floating palaces come with every conceivable extra, truly a magnificent way to enjoy the racing action.

Luxury Accommodation
Restaurant To Visit

This chic restaurant is located right in the centre of Monaco on the 6th floor of the 4-star Port Palace Hotel. This rooftop restaurant offers fabulous views of the luxury yachts in the harbour through large windows on its pleasant terrace. The sea and its produce are the on the menu in this delightful place with fish cuisine including red mullet, sea bass, sole and turbot to tantalise your taste buds, as well as quality seafood and shellfish. La Marée has also opened restaurants in Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

Wesbite: www.lamaree.mc

Opening Hours: 12pm - 12am (Over the Monaco GP Time)
7 days a week and all day.

Monaco's Other Attractions

Prince's Palace of Monaco

The Sovereign Prince of Monaco has his official residence in this grand home which was built in the late 12th century as a Genoese Fortress. The palace has a long and sometime dramatic past with sieges and bombardments being part of its claim to fame and was the home of the Grimalda Family for many centuries.

This palace was more of a fort than the usual luxurious residences that other European sovereigns were building, but that was sensible due to the political tensions of the time that meant it was necessary to be fortified for their own safety and this made it a more unique place throughout the land. Though in the 18th century after reducing the defensive capabilities of the place the French did seize the castle and plundered the establishment of its wealth and then it fell into disrepair.

Monte Carlo and the French Riviera in the 19th and 20th centuries was a place of glamour and decadence and a resurgence in the fortunes of the palace cam about and this was helped by the arrival of Hollywood movie star Grace Kelly who would became chatelaine of the palace in 1956, just to add to its mystique and glamour. The tombs of Prince Rainier and Princess Grace can be found in the cathedral nearby in the square, built in 1875 with striking looking white stones in a Roman-Byzantine-style architecture. The Palace to this day is the current residence of the Prince of Monaco. Well worth a visit before heading to the circuit and all the thrills and spills of the Formula One.

Casino de Monte-Carlo
casino in monte carlo

When most people think of Monaco they usually mention the unique Grand Prix and of course the fabulous casino with its legendary décor, range of gambling tables and slot machines which attracts the rich, famous and gamblers from all over the world, the games include European Roulette, Trente et Quarante, Black Jack, English Roulette and Ultimate Texas Hold'em Poker tables and the casino has been immortalised in many a great film including Never Say Never Again in 1983 with Sean Connery which would be his last as James Bond.

Gambling may not be is not your thing and if so then why not relax and soak up the atmosphere in one of 2 restaurants located in this iconic building; Le Train Bleu and Le Salon Rose.

The History of the Monaco GP

Monaco can be described as the playground of the rich and famous, but it also home what is classed as one of the favourite Grand Prix Events in the racing calendar; the Monaco Formula One Grand Prix.

The race dates back to 1929 when it was first won by William Grover Williams driving a dark green Bugatti Type 35B. The race itself is driven through the streets of Monaco and the circuit takes 6 weeks to set up and 3 weeks to take down. The glamour and style of this GP attracts tourists and celebrities from all over the world and is known to be that if you have only one grand prix to go to, then this is the one. The sun and the sea helps add to the atmosphere.

Please go here if you would like to read more about this iconic event or call us on 01382 480077 if you need more information about the F1 race packages we have on offer or just any questions you may have, we would love to hear from you.

James H review We have booked with GPA now for many years for both personal/family trips and corporate packages. These include Monaco (historic and main race weekends) and also unforgettable trips to the Abu Dhabi and Singapore F1. Kenny and his team provide a knowledge and service that is second to none. GPA will provide a fun-packed ,thrilling and first class trip that will create everlasting memories from beginning to end of your Grand Prix Adventure.

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Louise G review We are recently back from THE most amazing trip to Monaco with Grand Prix Adventures and would highly recommend booking your GP trips through Kenny and his team! We're looking forward to next years trip!


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